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New Smart AI Simulations

ArgoLingo is an innovative Canadian AI language learning solution that is designed to fast-track learners' ability to speak French or English fluently. 

Our technology leverages AI Virtual Humans to simulate contextual conversations, enabling learners to practice their language skills in a dynamic and engaging way.

ArgoLingo has a large library of language simulations, and it can also make custom simulations that fit the needs of specific departments. This makes it an ideal solution for government trainers, Learning and Development professionals, and procurement officers seeking to improve language learning outcomes.

ArgoLingo focuses on spoken and conversational language practice with our smart AI Virtual Humans. This is supported by conversational AI technology and analytics, which allow learners to track their progress and improve their pronunciation, grammar, and conversational speaking skills.

Benefits for Learners

Contextual Learning Simulations

ArgoLingo's custom and tailored simulations allow learners to practice their language skills in context. 

The relevance of the content increases engagement, retention, and application of new language skills.

Experiential Learning Experience

Practice simulations create a dynamic learning experience where students develop rich knowledge and skills. 

This method of learning is effective in involving learners in learning by doing, leading to faster learning outcomes.

Avoid Foreign Language Anxiety

ArgoLingo provides a safe space for practice sessions, reducing the fear of speaking that learners typically face. 

With the help of simulations and smart AI technology, learners develop their confidence.

Feedback & Detailed Analytics

With ArgoLingo's program, learners receive objective feedback instantly.  

The detailed analytics on their performance enables them to track their progress and improve their language skills.

Self Paced Learning

ArgoLingo's self-led learning feature provides learners with the convenience to learn at their own pace and at their peak learning time.  Learners feel comfortable knowing they can practice as much as they want to rapidly improve their skills.  

Faster Learning Method

ArgoLingo's smart AI technology enables learners to practice conversational speaking and to improve their English or French pronunciation through virtual conversations.

This leads to faster spoken language acquisition.

Pilot Programs - Explore the Possibility

ArgoLingo is available for pilot programs.  Here are two current options:

  1. Innovation Solutions Canada 
  2. Technations Scale-up 

Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC)

Government Tests Innovative Technology

ArgoLingo is excited to announce that we have been selected in the Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC) Testing Stream for ArgoLingo.  

This program provides an excellent opportunity for government departments to partner with ArgoLingo and pilot our language programs.

 Through the ISC program, government departments can test innovative Canadian products that offer solutions to their unique challenges.

Supporting under-represented groups

ArgoLingo is excited to announce our eligibility for the ScaleUp initiative, a new program by TECHNATION and Shared Services Canada (SSC) aimed at increasing diversity among bidders on government contracts. As a business owned and led by an underrepresented group, we are eager to partner with government departments to pilot language programs using our innovative AI language learning solution.

Under the ScaleUp program, Canada's Digital Marketplace will be the sole source for soliciting underrepresented groups and Indigenous businesses on government procurements up to $238,000 for IT-related goods, services, and solutions. This initiative will provide a fast, simple, and open process that puts contracts in place in under 2 weeks. .
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About Us

ArgoLingo, created by Virtro Technology Inc, is an AI communication and language learning company that is revolutionizing the way learners achieve fluency in French and English. Our advanced Conversational AI technology and Virtual Humans simulate contextual conversations, enabling learners to practice their language skills in a dynamic and engaging way.

With an extensive library of dedicated language simulations and the ability to develop custom simulations tailored to specific curriculums, ArgoLingo is an ideal solution for government trainers and procurement professionals seeking to improve language learning outcomes.

As a diverse and inclusive company, ArgoLingo is women-led, with 80% newcomers, and represents members of the LGBT and Neuro-divergent communities. We believe that a diverse team leads to more innovative ideas and a better understanding of our learners' needs.

Our commitment to experiential learning and self-led options, along with our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to language learning, sets us apart from traditional methods, making us the go-to choice for learners seeking fast, effective language acquisition.

Join us on our mission to revolutionize language learning and unlock the potential of learners around the world with ArgoLingo.

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